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Historic Leadville Colorado

Historic Leadville, Colorado is just minutes away. The City is in a natural mountain setting in the center of the Colorado Rockies. Early visitors to this once rip-roaring mining camp of the Old West included Jessie James, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Fortunes were made by such notables as Marshall Field of Chicago, Meyer Guggenheim of the New York Guggenheim fortune, Unsinkable Molly Brown, Baby Doe and Horace Tabor. These are just some of the magical names that form the legends of our past. When you visit our many museums, you will discover some of Leadville’s unbelievable history. Brick sidewalks add charm to the downtown area which is a fun place to shop. Explore the Route of the Silver Kings—the mining areas that made fortunes and built cities. Visit the web site for more information.

Sugar Loafin Campground Leadville, Colorado campingSUGAR LOAFIN' is surrounded by Rainbow trout fishing, rock hounding, pine scented forests, jeep trails, clean air, hiking, boating, mountain climbing, blue skies, cool breezes blowing off snowcapped mountain peaks, and the nation's highest golf course, which, by the way, is our neighbor. We are one mile from Turquoise Lake. Enjoy the scenic drive around the Lake, or the hiking trail that circles the east and north shores. Take a relaxing ride on the highest railroad line in the west. The train leaves the former U.P. station twice each day during the summer to view the high mountain scenery near Fremont Pass. Horseback rides are close by and offer one hour to overnight trips.

Our weather is generally ideal during the day—temperatures are rarely above 80 decrees. Add sparkling water, fields of wildflowers and a fine campground and we think you will have a great vacation.